TnT Flinchum Property Management began in 1984 with just a few properties to manage. Founders Tom Flinchum and Theresa Rosenberg had a vision to grow their company and maintain high standards of customer service. Their years of hard work paid off and today the company has grown to over 15 employees.

They saw the potential need of property owners in the area who could benefit from their management expertise and joined forces with these owners to provide the needed services to successfully manage and maintain a growing number of properties. TnT Flinchum Property Management prides itself by making a difference for their property owners by doing things the right way; whether it involves maintenance, bookkeeping, or customer interaction.

TnT Flinchum Property Management views their property owners as partners and demonstrates their commitment by going above and beyond to meet the needs of the owners and renters. Tom and Theresa have a combined total of 90+ years of experience in the industry, strong community ties, and a dedication to professionalism. Their staff follows these same principles and their communicative and personal approach is the key to the success and longevity of the company.